Hi, my name is Robert Chmielewski, my photography adventure started with my first serious money earned during work and travel holiday in the United States where my first digital camera was bought.
I always enjoyed all kind of physical activities, which still shows in my behaviour today: "always on the run, come on, let's check what is on the other side of the hill, every step a new perspective can be found”.
Being color-blind - and being stubborn like a typical Scorpio - I have decided to make photography to my hobby. That's why I kindly ask you in case you are having any problems with the colors on my pictures, please do as follows:

My interest in photography grew with my passion for traveling and discovering new places. I wanted to catch these experiences and views on something more material and sharable than only my memory.
Also the fact to be able to share the beauty with others motivates me to wait for the right moment even longer. The camera that I am using right now is a Canon 20D with few lenses and filters. Some of my pictures were taken with my previous compact cameras, a Canon S1 and my first "snapshooters",a Sony FS717.
I still treat my photography adventure as a fun hobby; even so I take my hobby very serious and this what I am getting from it I am pleased to share with you - and leave it to your judgments.
At the moment I am busy with my new project, my first longer trip through South East Asia and Eastern Australia.

PS. I promise to update my galleries and grow the whole service.